“I have worked with Mike Lorello for over 20 years, and made quite a few hit records with him … and all I can say is, Lorello delivers every time! When you work with Mike there are no hassles, no headaches, just some harmonic love. The man is a first class musician, arranger and all around person.” – Mark Liggett – Producer, Manager, Publisher


As a musician, songwriter, producer, collaborator and inspirational guide, Mike Lorello has displayed an “A” level of expertise in his contributions.
His unique ability to get a sense of where the music tides are going, Mike has applied “point on” creativity with every music genre that he enters, leaving a signature that enhances and separates it from the generic.

Our collaborations have produced more than 25 # 1 Billboard Dance hits and over 10 Top 40 Billboard Pop hits.

I am proud of his achievements with so many other artists as well as his solo efforts. I know I want this Master of the Arts by my side for a lifetime of music to come.

Respect for your craft and love for your friendship,

“Mike is one of those rare individuals who can bridge the gap between art and technology while nurturing the intent of the artist. He’s someone who can wear all the hats enabling him to be a complete “one-stop” for anyone looking for a recording engineer, producer, songwriter/musician. What a super talent!” – John Bastianelli – Songwriter, Producer, Executive Vice President, Product Management at PreSonus Audio Electronics

“To work with programmer, musician, engineer and friend Mike Lorello is always starting at the top.” – Joe Vulpis – Songwriter, Producer, Owner AP Music Entertainment